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Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment

Outpatient opiate addiction treatment in West Palm Beach and South Florida: Detox from drug addiction should be low-cost and affordable. These vital services should not be out of the price range of those people who really need them. That's why we've decided to provide the most affordable drug addiction treatment program in South Florida. If you or a loved one is dependent on opiate based pain medication (oxycodone, roxycodone, percocet) or recreational drugs, we can help. We provide low-cost addiction treatment in West Palm Beach, Florida. We're easy to get to from Fort Lauderdale or Jupiter as well.

Resolutions Drug Addiction TreatmentThere has been a revolution in the treatment of chemical addictions over the past several years. Principally, this has come about because of the newer medications that have passed the tests of safety, effectiveness and time. These medications can take away the hurt and pain of withdrawal from opiates - even Heroin and Methadone, or the cravings for Cocaine. Our patients with alcoholism receive medications that work to take away the desire to drink. New success in Methamphetaminetreatment is salvaging lives that might have been lost.

Setbacks are fewer if other health issues are managed properly. At Resolutions Medical Services the big picture is about wellness and health, not illness and guilt. Addiction is a deviation from health; it is an illness not a moral failing or an ethical dilemma. People who feel better are more compliant with treatment therapies and are more successful in combating their addiction(s). This may involve no more than making sure that their hypertension, diabetes, social anxieties, OCD, depression etc., are kept under good medical control. That just makes good sense.

Don't let drug addiction continue to ruin your life. If you want to ask a question or make an appointment calll our Hot-Line: Resolutions Medical Services: (561) 863-4117.  We provide low-cost affordable drug addiction treatment in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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