Detox Centers in South Florida

There are several options when it comes to detox centers in South Florida. Here at Resolutions of South Florida we'd like you to consider letting us help you or your loved one that is addicted to opiate drugs.

Our drug detox center is ready to provide you the needed guidance and advice to help you overcome your addiction. We have both the desire and the means to offer you the right treatment, provided that you do wish to get some help on your path to sobriety.

Our drug detox center can handle every patient, regardless the severity of their case and of the particular situation they may be in. Our team of experts includes medical doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists, among other medical specialties. We are ready to treat your withdrawal symptoms while helping you defeat your drug cravings.

Our facilities feature that latest state-of-the-art equipment and devices. All members of our teams benefit from continuous medical education, thus being always up to date with the latest treatments and techniques to cope with drug addicts and their problems.

Our center is fully equipped with all amenities required for a decent and comfortable lifestyle. While you shouldn't expect luxury at its peak - we try to keep our prices low so that we can help as many people as possible - you don't have to worry about your personal comfort. Our facility is clean and orderly, and in an easy to reach, safe area of South Florida, right in the heart of West Palm Beach.

Drug Detox South Florida

If you need our help, either for yourself or for someone you love, you are more than welcome to schedule a visit to our facilities. One of our expert staff will show you around, so that you can see the actual living and treatment conditions we offer to our patients. People looking for drug detox in South Florida have been happy with our service and facility for more than a decade.

Our drug detox programs are designed by the best experts in this area. Besides, they are always customized to suit the profile and the specific needs of each and every patient. Once you enroll in one of our programs, you can rest assured you're going to be under ongoing medical supervision. We have the ability to adjust your treatment on the go, in order to counteract and alleviate the nasty symptoms of withdrawal. Once this period is over, you'll still be part of our supervision programs if you require ongoing support. This is why our patients are usually able to stay drug free for very long periods of time after the treatment. There are some who relapse, but their number is much lower than the national average.

South Florida Detox Centers

Not all South Florida Detox Centers work the same way. At Resolutions we primarily choose to use a Suboxone treatment plan for our patients.

As you may already know, a medical team alone can't succeed if the patient refuses to cooperate. This is why we only admit in our center those people who truly wish to get their life back. You should show commitment to overcoming your addiction, as this is one of the key elements for success. Once you are motivated to regain your position in your community, we are always happy to help you. We are happy to cooperate even with the most challenging patients, as winning a difficult case is always a huge reward.

All these being said, contact us today to schedule an initial appointment with one of our counselors. We know this is a difficult step to take, but we want to stress out that everything you're going to tell us is going to be confidential.

Opiate Addiction Treatment Program South Florida
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