Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

Resolutions Medical Services provides outpatient Methamphetamine addiction treatment in West Palm Beach, Florida using the latest and best methods for quick painless detoxification. If you or a loved one needs help with Methamphetamine addiction, give us a call today. We're here to help. Our doctors and staff professionals approach Methamphetamine addiction treatment with the most up to date and proven treatment methods available.

Methamphetamine, also know as Meth, has medical uses as well as the potential to cause addiction. Meth addiction typically occurs when a person begins to use the drug as a stimulant, for its powerful enhancing effects on sex, mood and energy, alertness and ability to concentrate, and weight loss and appetite suppression, among its other psychological and physical effects. Over time tolerance develops, and users have greater difficulty functioning and experiencing pleasure than they did before, which persists indefinitely due to neurotoxicity produced by methamphetamine in long-term recovered addicts. Additionally, methamphetamine also affects child welfare

If you or someone you love is addicted to Methamphetamine, don't feel alone, as this is a very common drug. If you're tired of the negative effects Meth is having on your life, and you're ready to do something about it, Resolutions Medical Services has a low-cost outpatient program that will help you get your life back. All of our programs are affordable and done on an outpatient basis. In other words you get to detox in the comfort of your home without having to stay in a medical facility. We make Meth addiction treatment in West Palm Beach as easy and hassle free as possible, using state-of-the art treatment methods applied by trained experienced professionals.

At Resolutions Medical Services we think help with drug and alcohol addiction should be low-cost and affordable. These vital services should never be out of the price range of those people who really need them. That's why we've provide the most affordable drug and alcohol addiction programs in Florida. We can help. We provide low-cost Meth addiction treatment in West Palm Beach, Florida.  We make Methamphetamine detox possible for anyone who would like to take control of their lives. We're easy to get to from Fort Lauderdale or Jupiter as well. Give us a call today at 561-863-4117 or use our easy contact form to find out more about how we can help.

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