How Our Drug Treatment Program Works

How Our Drug Treatment Program WorksNo need for drug rehabilitation centers

Theres no need to check into hospitals or opiate addiction treatment centers in West Palm Beach for help with drug addiction. At Resolutions Medical Services, patients receive the expertise and assistance of doctors and nurses who are available continuously throughout the course of their detox program. We have years of experience helping people with our treatment programs. We understand your needs and professional care and really can help you get over addiction.

Where Do I Start?

The treatment process begins with a simple phone call to determine whether the Resolutions drug treatment program is right for you or your loved one. A caring, experienced intake counselor will explain the Resolutions treatment program in detail, and ask medical history questions to be sure the patient is a good candidate for the Resolutions program. Only 1 visit to one of our offices is required to begin the Resolutions drug treatment program.

Where Do I Go?

Next, you will visit a Resolutions office for an assessment and medical examination by a board-certified psychiatrist and substance abuse specialist. Then, we will introduce you to a nurse that will ask more in-depth questions about you, your medical history, and your drug use. The nurse will educate you about the Resolutions method and will give suggestions and advice to help ensure a successful recovery. The Resolutions nurse will serve as your "detox coach" for the six-week program.

When Can I Go Home?

Your initial appointment will take two to three hours, but after that you will go home and complete the Resolutions drug treatment program over the next six weeks. Resolutions' personally designed medication protocol helps to reduce drug cravings and restore normal brain activity, which not only lets patients return to their normal lives within just a couple of days, it also increases the odds of a successful recovery. Throughout your six week treatment a member of our staff closely monitors your progress and is always "on call" to ensure that all concerns are met with care and attention.

Although no drug treatment is guaranteed to work with everyone, our unique Resolutions drug treatment protocol, combined with the assistance and expertise of our nurse substance abuse specialists who are always on call has proven to be highly effective at helping people detox painlessly, detox quickly, and end the suffering caused by opiate addiction.

How do I get started?

When you are ready to speak with one of our caring intake counselors, please contact us as soon as possible. We will discuss your specific needs and circumstances, and together decide the best solution.

Note: We are South Florida's Most Affordable Private Outpatient Drug Treatment Program, and we are here to help. There's no need for expensive drug treatment centers in West Palm Beach.

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