Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Resolutions Medical Services is a premier medical service specifically for the treatment of Chemical Dependencies and Addictions. The organization is committed to being accessible and available to a varied community of people who want to break the chains of their drug addictions.

Resolutions Medical Services serves its patients comprehensively and professionally. It is our purpose to be the gold standard for addiction medical care. And this will happen with a back drop of affordable services as well.

Resolutions Medical Services will continue to be a source of information about subjects that are of great interest to our patients:

Articles and references about addiction
Discussions and presentations about current and newly developed medications used in the treatment of varied addictions
National references resources
General health and wellness information

Resolutions Medical Services invites both the private and the public communities. To this end we will engage the business community, the legal system and other public agencies to use our services to the greatest benefit of all involved.

We Believe: Addiction is a medical illness not a moral or ethical failing. To that extent heath care providers- especially physicians who have outpatient addiction services, should be proactive about methods of addiction treatments that actually produce desired endpoint results: Increased compliance, better outcomes and decreased recidivism.

Access to affordable care, and even public support for that care, is a solution to addressing the growing epidemic of drug abuse and chemical dependencies. Promoting methods that are costly and inefficient do little to promote individual health and social wellbeing. That can change.