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Resolutions Medical Services is a well known drug treatment center with many years of experience in helping people to beat addiction to a range of different drugs. Heroin has seen a resurgence in recent years do the the prescription opioid drug epidemic. Heroin is one of the most dangerous, addictive substances that we deal with. We offer a number of treatment services for these drugs, including suboxone doctors in West Palm Beach that will prescribe suboxone treatments to offer relief from the heroin and opioid cravings that make the withdrawal process so difficult.

Suboxone can help people beat heroin addiction, but it is a substance that must be prescribed by a trained professional who knows what an appropriate dose is, so that they can pair the prescription with other addiction therapies so that people can build up the willpower and mental framework to become drug free.

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Heroin is an opioid, and it offers pain relief as well as a feel-good rush. It works by binding to opioid receptors in the brain, increasing pain tolerance and decreasing the body's response to pain. The feel-good rush that is associated with heroin entering the brain is what makes people addicted to it. The danger comes from the slower hear rate, breathing and brain function that comes with the 'down' as the heroin starts to wear off. Not only does heroin cause addiction, but heroin overdose could easily cause death.

Suboxone binds to the opioid receptors, but it does not produce the same response as a proper opioid. This means that it is harder for people to abuse. In addition, it has a substance called naloxone added to it, which is an opioid antagonist. If someone were to try to snort a Suboxone tablet to get a 'high' then the naloxone will block the opioids from binding with the receptors in the brain, so they will not get high from it. In this way it replaces euphoria producing opioids with a substance that will illuminate the cravings for opioids while allowing the victim of addiction to get on with their lives in a productive way. At our Suboxone clinic in West Palm Beach we us Suboxone as a way to help people deal with their addiction to opioids and heroin.

Preventing abuse in this way is an important part of why suboxone is used as a treatment for heroin addiction. Suboxone can still produce dependence though, so it is important that people are monitored carefully while they are using it. Often, people are given Subutex before they are prescribed Suboxone, and they will try to abuse that to still get the high. When someone is moved on to Suboxone, they will still feel the addictive impulses, but they are less likely to be able to abuse them.

Suboxone Doctors in West Palm Beach That Take Insurance

Are you looking for a Suboxone Doctor in West Palm Beach that Takes insurance? At Resolutions we can help. We accept most insurance for our treatment.

Our doctors prescribe and monitor people who are prescribed Suboxone, to make sure that they are using it correctly, and working to beat the mental part of the addiction as well as the physical. Our patients are helped through the physical withdrawal issues and supported to figure out what it was that drove them to try heroin in the first place. In some cases, users were addicted to another form of pain relief first and worked up the opiate ladder. In others, they may have been exposed to it through social circles, and could need support to build a life where they are not going to be exposed to drug use and high risk behavior. Every person is different, and will need different support throughout the addiction recovery process to start their new and healthy life.

West Palm Beach Suboxone Doctors at Resolutions

Be sure to see the West Palm Beach Suboxone Doctors at Resolutions Medical Service when you are or loved one have issues or questions about heroin or opioid addiction. We are here to help. Find out all about our West Palm Beach Treatment Center.
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